enjoy every single moment of your holiday

A taste of both worlds

Porto Alegre Hotel has an ideal location for those that want to enjoy the city of Chania without compromising easy access to the beach and those sea views that one dreams of when booking a holiday in Greece. Located in Kalamaki, an area just 4km away from the historical city of Chania, Porto Alegre is found right in the middle between the city of Chania and the north coastal axis which is the most popular tourist destination of Chania prefecture. Seize the opportunity to enjoy Kalamaki’s blue flagged, long sandy beach, found right in front of the hotel, ideal for families as well as discover the traditional village Galatas, birthplace of famous Greek composer Micky Theodoraki, standing right above our location.

Rich Past – Modern Present

Chania city is the capital of the prefecture, with a very long and rich history and its older quarters are characterized by the multifaceted architecture, influenced by the Venetian, Turkish and Jewish habitants that colonized the city throughout the centuries.

The most famous landmark of the city is the Egyptian Lighthouse facing the old Venetian Harbor, which stood proud and resistant to weather conditions facilitating the safe passage of the commercial boats of previous centuries, when Chania was a commercial and cosmopolitan crossroad between the East and the West, the North and the South of the Mediterranean Sea.

Fort Firca, the Kioutsouk Hassan Tzamissi, the imposing Venetian and Turkish walls of the town, the Turkish and Jewish quarters with the picturesque two-storey houses, the Venetian mansions and the neoclassical buildings spread throughout the old town, compose a unique urban landscape interconnected with mazelike alleys.

Chania today is a very popular holiday destination worldwide thus is very well organized and always prepared to welcome its visitors and unfold its beauties as one explores the narrow, pedestrian alleys and the infamous Venetian harbor, or visits its modern part for shopping and more.

Ideal starting point for your explorations

Porto Alegre Hotel has a premium location with easy access from the arterial coastal road thus we serve as a great starting point for daily excursions across the island. Crete and the prefecture of Chania in particular, offers a plethora of worthy places to visit, from breathtaking beaches, to impressive gorges, historical landmarks, museums, traditional villages, archeological sites, cultural festivals, etc that will capture you interest and fascinate you to the point that you will eagerly make the promise to return again and again! You will soon realize that once is never enough!

Everything within distance

In close proximity to our hotel, you may find tavernas, super markets, pharmacy and all kinds of commercial shops, as well as ATM points for your better service.

Useful information about the distance between Porto Alegre Hotel and arrival/departure points:

  • 19km from the Airport “I. Daskalogiannis”
  • 12km from the Port of Souda
  • 4km from the Old Venetian Harbour of Chania
  • 4km from Chania city center